Horse at the corner vs Horse at the corner Opening

 Initial position


After the moves

1. P79-78 2. P41-42

3. H02-83 4. H12-33

5. C82-85 6.C32-35

7. P75-74

In this position HAN (Red) instead oif playing the Horse by 8.H17-36 (see Janggi Openings -1), plays

7………. 8.R11-51.


In this position Han can begin active measures before CHO (Blue): please, note that Cho can attack the Pawns pair 42 and 43 with the Elephant in 75. Now Han wants to prevents it by playing eventually R51-54.

9. E03-75 10. P47-57

11. R01-02 12.R51-54


13. P74-64 14. R54-24


Critical situation. Where red Chariot may go? There is two possibilities:


Variation nr. 1

13…… 14. R54-24

Variation nr. 2

13……. 14. R54-44

Let’s analyze

I) 14. R54-24


A rather passive move. CHO will now make pressure on Red right wing.

15. E76:P43, 16.P42:E43

17.R02-32, 18.R24-23

19.C88-68, 20.P45-44

21.R32-52 ,22.H17-36

23.C68-63, 24.A16-26

25. P73-72, 26.E18-46

27. C63-93, 28.R23-24

29.E18-76, 30.H33-21


In this position CHO seems to have a big advantage. HAN right wing is really weakened. For example CHO can now play 31. R52-51 32. E13-45 33.C93-96 34.E46:P78 35.P77:P78 36.H21-13 37.C96:H36 38.A26:C36 39.R52:P57 with a superb position.

II) 14. R54-44


15.E08-76, 16.P45-55

In case of 16.R44:P64 can arise some complications, which maybe are most favorable for Cho(blue): for example 17.E75-47 18.R64-65 19.E47:R19 20.R65:C85 21.K95-94 22.R85:H83 23.P71-72 24.E13-41 25.A04-95 26.R83-87 27.C88-85 28.R87-97 29.A06-96 or 28.E41:P73 29.H08-76 30.K25-34 bikjang 31.A95-84 32.R93-83 check 33.K94-04 34.K34-24 35.A84-94 36.C35-75 37.R09:P49 in both variants Cho seems to have the better position because of active pieces (red pieces are still not developed).

17.R02-62, 18.H17-36

19.P64-65, 20.P57-56

21.P65:P55, 22.P56:P55

23.R62-68, 24.K25-26

25.H07-86, 26.A16-25

27.C85:P55, 28.H36:C55

29.C88-85, 30.A25-36


Position of Cho looks better because of active pieces and Han’s weaknesses (his left wing and not yet developed Elephants, the General exposed position).

Final position



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