Horse at the corner vs Horse at the corner Opening

  Initial position


1. P79-78 2. P41-42

3. H02-83 4. H12-33

5. C82-85 6.C32-35

7. P75-74 8.H17-36

In this position are possible also moves 8. P45-46; 8. E18-46; 8. P43-44; 8. R11-51. We will analyze it in next Janggi Openings pages (see Janggi openings – 2).

9. E03-75 10. P47-57


This variant is present in old masters games. Today janggi players play10. P45-46. In this position Cho (blue) have a lot of variations.

Possible moves are here 11.R01-02, 11.R01-91 (with the idea of K95-05 and eventually R91-99), H07-86, E08-76.

11. R01-02 12. E18-46

Here HAN (red) has a lot of moves. For example a second possibility 12. A16-26 (preparing a fortress for the General with K25-16 and A14-25).

13. R02-62 14. P49-59

HAN wants to limit the Rook action on the column.

15. E08-76 16. R11-51

17. H07-86 18. A16-26

HAN begins to build a fortress for his General. Now also CHO begins to build a fortress in order to launch an attack successively.

19. A06-96 20. K25-16

21. K95-06 22. A14-25

23. A14-25 24. C35-15

The HAN fortress is built

25. C85-05 26. C38-35

27. C88-85 28. C15-12

29. R62-64 30. C12-14

In this situation the position is even. CHO can continue his plan by consolidating the Pawn position on left side and successively transferring the attack on the right side. For example: 31.C05-07 32. R51-56 33. P71-72 34.R56-51 35. C07-04 36. P45-44 37. R62-66 38. R19-49.

CHO has a slight advantage.



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